Cultivation & Weed Control

We are experienced at cultivating products and crops native to California safely and securely. We are especially experienced in disking/cultivation, hand hoe, weedeater, mowing, preemergent (herbicide spray), materials/equip. in/out, land plane, disease prevention and control, vine fungus, vineyard insects/mites, nematodes, eutypa/crown gall, and disease control. Contact us for more information.

  • Disking/Cultivation
  • Hand Hoe
  • Weedeater
  • Mowing
  • Preemergent (Herbicide Spray)
  • Materials/Equip. in/out
  • Land Plane
  • Disease Prevention & Control
  • Vine Fungus
  • Vineyard Insects/Mites
  • Nematodes
  • Eutypa/Crown Gall
  • Disease Control
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