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Eakle Vineyard Management



Eakle Vineyard Management

Supplying Vineyard Management Services & Farm-Labor Services

Eakle Vineyard Management offers our customers one on one consultation and years of experience and expertise. Our focus is to bring attention & detail of farming vineyards in the remote areas of Napa Valley along with areas of Lake County & Solano county.

Eakle Vineyard Management

Management Services

Below are some of the types of services we can help you with around Wine Country.

  • Vine Control
  • Plant Nutrients
  • Cultivation & Weed Control
  • Replant/Repair
  • Frost/Heat Protection
  • Water System
  • New Vineyard
  • Extras
  • And More

Farmer-Labor Services

Find yourself needing extra crews or a little help completing crucial vineyard tasks? Feel free to give us a call with a number of crews! We are always happy to pitch in and help. Hourly rates available.

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